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Global coverage: Why local alternative payment methods are the key to successful global expansion

  Why is global coverage important?   Effective global coverage requires the right local acquiring partners, as well as alternative, locally-preferred payment methods. Payment service providers can boost merchants’ sales by up to 40% by offering the right mix of local acquiring and alternative payment methods, as they maximize conversions and reduce drop-outs. End result? [...]

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Hello SEPA – Official Start of New European Direct Debit Standard

A long journey has ended. From today on – August 1, 2014 – all direct debits in Europe are being processed exclusively with the new SEPA standards. PAY.ON enabled the migration for its clients with a fast switch within just one day. SEPA has had a big impact by making payments within Europe considerably simpler. [...]

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PAY.ON AG Extends Its Executive Board to Include Tobias Schweiger as New COO and CFO

PAY.ON AG has extended its Executive Board to include a third member. Tobias Schweiger has been appointed COO and CFO. His areas of responsibility include the ongoing expansion of the core business, the continued rapid penetration of the global market, and the corporate finance of PAY.ON AG. By extending its Executive Board, PAY.ON AG has [...]

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SEPA Direct Debit shows great acceptance – migration deadline in sight

The migration to SEPA Direct Debit is running successfully. The majority of direct debit traffic in Europe has already switched to SEPA. In Germany, the largest direct debit market in Europe, already in April SEPA Direct Debit transactions amounted to 62% of all payment transactions by direct debit. This is an increase of 33% as [...]

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IxoPay and PAY.ON partner to provide an easy cross-border payment interface for online payment acceptance in the USA and Europe

IxoPay LLC (, a global compliance, support, and payment service provider, and PAY.ON are combining their expertise to provide global merchants with a quick and easy interface to a payment solution that has all the advantages of the latest payment technology and over 150 payment methods globally, via one API. The new interface will be [...]

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The driving forces behind the rise of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) payment infrastructure solutions in global e-commerce

During the last few years, a steady rise of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) payment infrastructure applications, especially in e-commerce and m-commerce, could be noticed.   In this post, PaaS is understood synonymously to SaaS, a software tool that is hosted and maintained by an external IT provider and that can be accessed by the users via a [...]

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Proven Ease of Payment Page Integration at the TNG Big Techday 7: COPYandPAY Integrated in Only 15 Minutes!

In the latest PAY.ON interview on the new product Dynamic Checkout published in “The Paypers”, we referred to the payment page integration of COPYandPAY – part of Dynamic Checkout – in only 15 minutes. Let us elaborate on this.   During the TNG Big Techday 7, and as part of the Programming Interfaces Track, PAY.ON [...]

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The Paypers interview with Stephan Heckmaier about Dynamic Checkout

Today Stephan Heckmaier, Senior Business Development Manager at PAY.ON, discussed with The Paypers why shoppers will not complete their purchase if they get insecure in any way during the payment process.   Following the most important excerpts: You recently launched the new payment product “Dynamic Checkout,” which already won the Florin award and offers ease of [...]

PAY.ON and EVO Payments International form a technology partnership to provide a quick interface for SME merchants

PAY.ON and EVO Payments International (EVO) are combining their expertise to provide European small to medium merchants with a quick and easy interface to a payment solution that has all the advantages of the latest payment technology. The new interface will be available in Europe, initially in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.PAY.ON and EVO complement [...]

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Heartbleed – A Software Bug that hit half of the Internet

Millions of websites from all industries like ecommerce, email, government, banking etc. may have been leaking critically sensitive data for the past two years thanks to a serious bug in the software intended to secure the communication: OpenSSL   Any web applications and services using vulnerable OpenSSL software versions  - OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f (inclusive) - can [...]