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By Falk Brügmann on 23. October 2012 in Inside PAY.ON, Market Insights

It is an oft-quoted truism that technological progress is making the world ever more complex. Yet, once in a rare and lucky while, an invention comes along that makes the world simpler. Such inventions sit at the interface between technology and its users, and arguably, these are the innovations that really make a difference.

As an example, consider how cars had to be started before the invention of the electric starter. Car owners had to use a hand crank to start a car, a process that was difficult, tedious, and even could result in broken fingers if you weren’t careful. The electric starter certainly was an invention that simplified that process.

At PAY.ON, we have been striving for years to simplify the payment world by providing a simple, unified interface to hundreds of schemes and payment methods. Yet, we keep asking ourselves: What is the next innovation that could streamline the integration process for our clients? Where has technology progressed far enough that the next jump in the quality of the user experience has become possible?

The unification of payment schemes was a simplification for you, our clients, the payment service providers. We believe the next frontier for a big step in simplification will be at the payment interface presented to our clients’ clients, the merchants. In fact, we know how exactly we can provide such a massive improvement in ease of integration and ease of payment to the merchants that will allow you, the payment service providers, to stay at the forefront of the market.

We have even already started working on implementing this plan in the last couple of months. Watch this blog space! As we progress, we will regularly be posting updates on our work and more detailed information on the solution to come. The days of handing the merchant the equivalent of a hand crank to get his business started are counted.

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