Configuring Merchants via API – Introducing our “Merchant Onboarding API”

By Falk Brügmann on 8. February 2013 in Inside PAY.ON, Open Payment Technology

Previously, my colleague Wolfgang Berner has blogged that the integration of payment  schemes can happen at two different levels, at the API level and at the level of embeddable UI components.


For configuration data, these options are using a configuration API or using a configuration application, i.e. an administration interface. Historically, while PAY.ON has always supported payment integration via API, configuration was limited to administration via an administrative web application, the so-called BIP (business intelligence platform – as the name implies, its feature-set is not limited to administration alone).


Over the last few months, however, PAY.ON has developed an alternative, an API for programmatically querying and configuring merchants, merchant accounts and other standing configuration data, including a large number of their various fields and settings. Our working title for this product is “Merchant Onboarding API”.


The architecture of this API follows the so-called REST architectural style, which means that to make use of this API, all you have to do is to submit simple, straightforward web requests to specific URLs.


Having such a configuration API is a tremendously practical thing, since it supports all kinds of different use cases. For example, it can help with migrating data to and from our systems. You can use it to automate processes on your end and include PAY.ON applications in the automation. Or you could allow merchants to register directly on your web page and create the corresponding merchant objects in the PAY.ON system by using this API.


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