Continuous improvement must be in the DNA of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider

By Wolfgang Berner on 29. August 2013 in Market Insights, Open Payment Technology

Did you know that PAY.ON has established a redundant connection on all levels to Postbank/P.O.S. Transact as one of the first connected parties? And did you hear about MasterCard’s 3D Secure root certificate switch or VISA’s 3D Secure certificate mandate for EMEA? Or VISA’s requirements regarding birthdate and postal code on MCC 6012 or the MasterCard reference ID mandate? Or how about the iDeal SEPA switch or Austria’s eps single operator change, and PAY.ON’s response by making this a seamless transition for merchants? Were you aware of Omnipay’s primary data centre upgrade and switching traffic to their DR site? Finally, did you notice our major database upgrades, installation of our HSMs, hardware upgrades and replacements, firmware and other software upgrades?

Probably not, but that’s fine – because you have us as your PaaS provider! The above is only a small selection of improvements and updates that we have been continuously applying to our platform over the last couple of months, helping us to maintain the secure and reliable service that you, as our clients, require to provide state-of-the-art payment processing. We invest hundreds of hours each month into making sure that the platform and its interfaces always stay stable.

Let’s look at what drives these continuous system improvements:

– Availability and scalability: A sophisticated monitoring system ensures that we react long before kinks turn into problems. We seek to scale redundancies in everything pertaining to our platform and its services – also with regard to third parties.

– Security: Continuous training and active involvement in the latest developments regarding security is key to protect the platform and our clients data. For example, did you know that we undertake automatic security scans against any changes made to the LIVE system – from IP, port and application fingerprint to checks of OWASP Top 10 rules?

– Quality: Automatic system testing on any changes made to the system as well as nightly regression testing against our entire third-party integration: sure thing, we did that from day one adding up to currently more than 20,000 tests in our automatic test sets. We also continuously undertake load testing to discover and fix potential bottlenecks or issues long before these could hit our services in production.

– Third-party service upgrades: The world around us is changing and we will have to adapt to these changes – be it for improved services or for regulatory, compliance or security reasons.

But we can only achieve this continuous flow of improvement in an environment of monitoring, continuous learning and training, short feedback cycles, and regular reviews or retrospectives on all operational levels. By releasing changes to our integrations every week into production, short release cycles are an integral part of this environment.

This culture of continuous improvement is deep in our DNA driving us from within to provide a cutting edge payment platform for our clients. PaaS providers who have not deeply ingrained that into their DNA won’t be able to stay on top of the game – especially not over a longer period of time.

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