COPYandPAY: Easy customisation for maximum conversion

By Falk Brügmann on 20. September 2013 in Inside PAY.ON

OurCOPYandPAY payment pagenow shows off various customisation options to help improve shopper conversion. The tutorial provides a quick, fun way to get to know our popular widget-based payment page solution COPYandPAY, and includes now a section on customisation.

Widget-based solutions like COPYandPAY have the big advantage of nicely integrating into a merchant’s pages right out of the box because they can automatically pick up the visual style of the surrounding page. However, streamlining the visual integration of the payment widget even further and adapting it to the target group of the site pays off by directly affecting shopper conversion. After all, every percentage point that the merchant can add to the conversion rate directly goes to the bottom line.

Also, especially with the help of a nice, interactive tutorial, tinkering with the frontend can be just plain fun. The tutorial demonstrates interactively selecting ready-made widget styles, customising the appearance of those styles, and features a short screencast on how to use Firebug to determine which styles you can change.


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