Cross-border eCommerce pitfalls in Europe: Report from CNP Expo 2015 (Video)

By Christopher Taine on 3. June 2015 in Conferences and Events


The annual CNP Expo, held in Orlando, USA, is not only one of the industry’s most important networking opportunities, but also delivers a highly valuable and relevant educational program via keynotes, product demonstrations, and panel discussions.

PAY.ON America’s Vice President Sales & Business Development, Adam Bowman, was invited to participate in a session that focused on the challenges and opportunities facing payment providers and their merchants when expanding globally and specifically into European markets. We produced the following video report on location, to share the key messages from this panel discussion with all of those who were not able to attend CNP Expo 2015.

Cross-border eCommerce in Europe: Not as simple as it seems?

Speaking to an audience of both payment providers and merchants, Adam shared his views on establishing local entities (a necessity in Europe), the relative strengths of different markets within the European region, and the importance of alternative payment methods across the region. He also highlighted some of the compliance and regulatory issues that US companies need to  be aware of when developing their international expansion strategy and pursuing cross-border eCommerce opportunities in Europe.




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