Development team of COPYandPAY: Thanks for the mass of valuable feedback on the solution

By Josef Etz on 10. April 2013 in Inside PAY.ON, Open Payment Technology

COPYandPAYexceeds market expectations. That’s our resume after several weeks since launching our new service. The results make all efforts worth. At this point we expressly say ‘Thank you’ for all that positive feedback we are still receiving and valuable suggestions regarding our JavaScript widget based payment solution.


Payment is a technology driven market strongly influenced by innovation and time-to-market benchmarks – a challenge that every solution provider must take on. We want to be not only better, but also faster – without restriction to precision. To manage these requirements we reduced our release cycle already some time ago from six to four weeks for our platform PaySourcingand to a weekly release cycle for PayPipe. Consequently, features and respective enhancements are now available to customers much faster. Thus, our clients receive greater flexibility, time-efficient realisation, improved service orientation, and at the end a faster return on investment.

picture-JosefJosef Etz, Head of Software Development


Regarding COPYandPAY, for example, we implemented in today’s release, several feature enhancements, such as:

a) a better user experience during the 3D process

b) adding Dankort, the national credit card of Denmark, as one more available payment scheme out of more than 100

c) avoiding incompatibilities while integrating in some shop systems


More to come in upcoming releases! Such improvements as well as new features and connectors are normally reported to our clients in our monthly release notes. But we are looking forward to report about “big shots” regularly in our blog. It is really fun working on products such as COPYandPAY, mPOS, Merchant Onboarding, and PaySourcing as our platform. All features and products that are actively welcomed by the market, in the community, by our partners and – not at least – our development colleagues around the world.


Please don´t stop giving us your feedback and your user experience. It is invaluable.

Josef Etz

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