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By Wolfgang Berner on 6. February 2013 in Open Payment Technology

Payment integration time needs to get shorter on all technical levels caused by fast progress. Flexibility, options and the simplicity in integration play the key role for a successful integration. The reached simplicity transmits the generated advantages to payment providers and their merchants. Results are faster time-to-market, higher conversion rates and lower costs for the integration of the needed payment environment. Sounds like a challenge? Not necessarily.

The landscape of merchants and merchant providers are complex and permanently changing. The development in mobile payments extend this complexity. Result: Integration knows no real standards – except that it all needs to be web based.

Integration happens on two levels:

  • API level
  • Embeddable UI components/widgets

Both are valid approaches but each represent different advantages. The first provides highest flexibility, the second easiest and fastest integration. Conclusion: The combination of both is the best suitable solution for merchants. It strengthens the payment platform architecture and enables new ways in creating great payment applications on top of it. We strongly believe in this evolution and deeply incorporated this in our developments. Recently, we are applying that principle also to other parts like analysis, configuration and specifically all aspects of fast and easy merchant onboarding.

This drives the integration choice:

  • conversion rate of shoppers
  • integration costs
  • time-to-market,
  • local market requirements (e.g. tax numbers, installment choice),
  • strong focus on brand, design and CI individuality,
  • security and compliance needs (e.g. PCI-DSS requirements),
  • technical constraints coming from existing systems e.g. requires batch workflows, requires plugins,
  • integration team and their capabilities

Our approach to address these requirements:

We provide a wide range of flexible options with a strong focus on simplicity. Getting integrated is a key part in the merchant onboarding process, and needs to be done fast and hassle free. Core requirements: A ready-to-use and immediately to start processing solution which can customize and modify to the specific needs. For more information to the different integration options see the graphic bellow.




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