Comment: ‘Ecommerce Europe’ association demand on European Commission Green Paper meets not consumer needs’

By Christopher Taine on 10. May 2012 in Market Insights

In response to the European Commission´s Green Paper ‘Towards an integrated European market for card, internet and mobile payments’, the Ecommerce Europe association demands a broader range of payment systems. Most of all bottlenecks appear in the availability of cross-border payment systems, especially in online banking. Therefore the association calls for more innovation.


In our perceptive this demand falls to short and don´t meet the consumer behavior and needs. With regard to the check-out conversion rate of benefit that shop owners offer all respective domestic payment methods the shopper is used to and trusted in.


PayPipe offer their online shops a direct access to more than 100 international payment methods – including European online payment methods. This way, online shops could match the requirement of their foreign customers – simply and swiftly – over one interface.


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