Fast Merchant On-Boarding – Crucial for the success of a payment provider

In a fast growing industry merchants expect to work with payment service provider that support a fast and easy, hassle-free on-boarding to accept payments immediately. Everybody is talking about “On-Boarding” and how fast and easy this should be, but what exactly does this mean?


Typically merchants apply for merchant accounts to process card payments and alternative payments to process online card not present, mobile (In-App) and card present payments. State of the art providers offer online or mobile application forms that allow the merchant to capture all information required in application forms and submit it in one GO. As soon as the online risk checks are finished, merchant accounts for different payment methods and channels are issued back to the merchant. Providers like Stripe, Paymill or Braintree are good examples for this and even go one step further by having technical APIs that allow merchants to integrate payment pages in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. Mobile POS services providers like Square, SumUp or payleven promise fastest going-live by letting the merchants download the payment acceptance Apps (from App Stores like Google Play) to accept payments. The necessary devices that are connected to tablets or smartphones are deliverd for free or for a very low amount of money.


This all is revolutionary compared to where the industry has been just a couple of years ago. These fast movements and changes have never been seen before in the industry – all for the best of the merchants out there. Times to start accepting payments are going down from weeks to days or even less, merchants save a lot of money by spending just hours instead of days for the technical integration into online shops. And the amount of money they save in the card present business is tremendous, going down from a few hundred Euros to just 50 Euro or even less. Ingenicos and Verifones out there, watch out!


At PAY.ON, we are passionate about making lives easier for payment service providers and their merchants and to let them focus on what really matters, their own business. It is our ultimate goal to provide payment providers with a white-label platform that let them offer superior solutions for their market segment.

We do this by providing:

  • one single platform for card present and card not present payments accepting payments in online shops, on smartphones and tablets and at the point of sale of traditional stores
  • one single tool to get full payment reports no matter from which channel they come from
  • technical  APIs to implement PCI compliant checkout processes in a matter of minutes with all required payment methods
  • technical on-boarding REST APIs directly integrated into card acquiring systems for a fully automated end-to-end real-time merchant account application process
  • connections into more than 250 acquirers, banks and alternative payment methods globally
  • an agnostic platform that supports open APIs to be integrated into any 3rd party tool (CRMs, ERPs, Online Shops)
  • open mobile platform compatible with all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and all hardware manufacturers.
  • fully PCI-DSS certified end-to-end  mobile solutions, hardware certified in accordance with PCI-PTS (PIN transaction security), EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2 and PCI-P2PE certification (point-2-point encryption).
  • a transaction based per-click pricing

and many things more.


Merchants are the big winners of all these efforts we are taking.
Payment service providers that want to be successful in the coming years and want to be ahead of the market use technical platforms like PAY.ONs PaySourcing and put all their focus on providing best service to their merchants.


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