Mobile payment by PAY.ON/payworks – a great success story on the rise

By Sebastian Gollwitzer on 14. February 2013 in Inside PAY.ON, Market Insights, Open Payment Technology

The whole mobile POS story turns out to be very successful – way more than we anticipated at this point in time. As I type these lines, I am travelling back from the MPE in Berlin. My visit there confirms the success once more. We couldn’t be happier!


Together with our partner company payworksas the technical solution provider on top of our PaySourcing “mothership”, we provide a turnkey mobile payment solution to the market.


Not only do merchants (#10.000 boarded our platform recently) love our Swipers, Chip&PIN devices and co., but also the acquirers are very fond of our end-to-end setup that allows for nicely encrypted transactions all the way from the mobile POS devices through the data center to the acquirer.


Thanks to the solution being compliant to what the card associations mandate, we are working with several additional acquirers at this point to provide the merchants with the Chip&PIN certified acquiring options they require for their success in the market.


It’s really exciting for us to be an active part of driving the change in the POS and mobile POS world, right at the cutting edge of technology – and right where mobile is becoming the new POS.


PS: Congratulations to payworks for the certification of the MasterCard MPOS Best Practices Program for their Chip&PIN mobile payment solution – and even more so for having won the MPE payment startup innovator award yesterday!


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