New PayPipe receiver list allows easy, fast and dedicated selection under hundreds of payment providers and schemes

By Christopher Taine on 5. September 2012 in Global Payment Gateway

As a global routing gateway PayPipe contains hundreds of connections to payments providers and schemes. Accordingly, for existing and new clients it is important to keep an overview on available and latest integrations. Beside our monthly updates via e-mail we provide all connection data in a special receiver list in which clients can search after needed and suitable payment partners worldwide. For a long time this PayPipe receiver list was only available as a PDF document.  As a stiff instrument the search and the comfort were very limited. In order to give our clients a much better support we decided to develop an e-version of this list. Today the day of going live has come. And we are proud to present you this online receiver list with a really new style of convenience in usability.


From now on queries are made directly online very easily, fast and transparently. The entry to the new receiver-tool is on our product site PayPipewhere you find a special teaser promoting the receiver list. After a short registration our system sends you an activation link for a direct access. Once logged in, it is self-explanatory, but some details have to be named to get introduce you to the whole functionality.


Right above you find a tag cloud with most popular conceptual delivering prompt results by a click for these buzz words. Also we integrated a search field for your individual search, where you can look for e.g. countries. The receiver list itself is divided into five columns: receiver, methods, scheme, country and the status of integration as live, lined-up and in progress. Every column also contains an own drop-down menu for a precise choice of your wanted information. So the column receiver leads all payment providers, methods all payment channels as e.g. online transfer, wallet and credit card, schemes the respective scheme operators, country the nations and status the state of integration into PayPipe.


Comfortable, every selected data can be directly downloaded and sent via e-mail to your personal e-mail account. Also the whole data set is downloadable. For this action you will find a special text link in the navigation at the top.


We hope that our new receiver-tool meets your expectations. And we would be happy if you don´t hesitate to give us your feedback and suggestions for further improvements. As always, our sales team and account management teams are ready to support you with further information to the PayPipe network and moreover.

Christopher Taine

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  1. Markus Rinderer
    Markus Rinderer 6. September 2012 Reply

    There is one big difference to many other players that make this network more unique and more extensive than anybody else’s and that is the fact that PAY.ON has direct connections only (besides a few exceptions) and does not use other aggregators (with additional costs involved) !

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