Open Payment Platform Developer Portal: Enhanced White Labeling Options

By Wolfgang Berner on 18. June 2015 in Open Payment Technology

The ability to white label our global payment gateway has existed for nearly as long as PAY.ON itself, and combined with a true non-compete guarantee, it is this that uniquely positions our company within the payments marketplace. Payment providers can brand our gateway as their own, effectively outsourcing payment infrastructure and enabling them to focus on serving their merchants and growing their business.

As an infrastructure and technology partner, we are focused on delivering client-oriented solutions that are built upon the most up-to-date technological standards in the payments industry. This is reflected in the development of the Open Payment Platform, based on RESTful open API architecture.

This evolution of our payment platform also required further expansion of our white label solution and ability to brand PAY.ON’s payment technology. Specifically, how we could deliver the all-important developer portal with the same flexibility in set-up and white label options as our core platform. The interactive developer portal provides an easily accessible, intuitive toolkit for developers to explore our White Label Apple Pay SDK, discover the possibilities of our COPYandPAY widget-based payment pages, and to start building their own apps and features on our Open Payment Platform. Importantly, the interactive nature of the developer portal gives real-time feedback, so developers can quickly see how they can arrive at a solution.

White label solution extends to Open Payment Platform developer portal

The online developer portal, which is publicly available at, has been enhanced with a range of white label options for payment providers who want to offer their merchants (and their merchants’ developers) the most advanced open payment technology and supporting documentation.

Payment providers have several options for modifying and branding, starting with the use of their own corporate logo within the page design. The branded developer portal can be easily embedded into the website of payment providers, and gives them the ability to offer merchants self-service integration.

Selecting a preferred URL
Payment providers can make the developer portal available to their merchants in three different ways;
1. Via the standard URL that is publicly available:
2. With a branded URL that includes your company name:
3. Through a full white label URL of your choice:

Renaming specific products for unified branding
Product names can be changed and customized to bring them in line with payment providers’ branding, and reflect the corporate language used elsewhere;
2. Open Payment Platform
3. Business Intelligence Platform (BIP)

Open Payment Platform Developer Portal

The portal can been branded and products renamed. Additionally, features can be edited to present a tailored menu.

Defining the layout of the developer portal

The menu (left-hand navigation) of the developer portal can be edited to change the order in which headings appear, or to remove menu items as required. The layout is then tailored to the needs of the payment providers’ merchants. This includes determining the payment methods that appear (as in the screenshot below), or removing elements such as support services – which may not be offered. Additionally, the configurable default currency gives payment service providers the ability to pre-select the currency that will show within their white label developer portal.

Configure default currency

GBP has been selected as the default currency.

This combination of features gives payment providers a white label solution that is flexible and adaptable to the requirements of each and every business, and reflects the shift that we are witnessing towards more open technical products.

[Whitepaper] Openness is changing the future of payments


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