PAY.ON and face-to-face payments

By Markus Rinderer on 18. October 2012 in Inside PAY.ON, Market Insights

PAY.ON is adapting its processing capabilities to process card-present transactions for mobile Point of Sale solutions.


PAY.ON’s products PaySourcing and PayPipe are state-of-the-art payment platforms offering the best processing capabilities in the market. Until recently, we put our focus on e-commerce card-not-present transactions only. We have quickly reacted to the needs of the market and have been adapting our platform accordingly.


Driven by our mobile payments partner payworkswe have been developing all necessary capabilities to process card-present credit and debit card transactions in a regulatory compliant and secure way.


Whether it is a Chip & PIN or a signature verified transaction, we handle the entire processing with the acquirer in the background based on all required certifications and compliance considerations. The solution is completely independent of the employed card reader, PIN entry device or the acquirer in the background. One part of PAY.ON’s service is to provide the required end-to-end certification (especially ADVT, M-Tip).


PAY.ON’s solution is fully compliant with the guidelines recently outlined by major card associations such as VISA and MasterCard. The solution comprises of a hardware based encryption infrastructure as well as Chip & PIN devices that are fully certified according to EMV and PCI guidelines. With point-to-point encryption, payment data is encrypted directly on the Chip & PIN device and is only decrypted in PAY.ON’s certified PCI environment using Hardware Security Modules (HSM). Subsequently, the transaction can be transmitted securely to acquirers. The platform  processes card present transactions with offline or online verified PINs as well as signature verification for credit cards and debit cards. This allows us to certify and process Mobile POS solutions in a compliant and secure way all over Europe in any country.


Together with payworks we provide a comprehensive/sophisticated mobile point of sale service to our partners:


State-of-the-art security

  • Redundant, multi-site Hardware Security Module (HSM) setup for secure and reliable processing
  • Point to point encryption from the device to our PCI certified environment using 3DES/DUKPT Comprehensive key management


Compliant processing of credit and debit cards

  • Support for magnetic stripe and EMV based cards
  • Offline and online PIN verification support
  • Signature verification and management


Multi-platform and device support

  • Support for iOS, Android and Windows phones through developer frameworks and white-label mobile POS applications
  • Compatible with EMV level 1 and 2, PCI PTS & SRED certified devices
  • Independent of specific acquirer protocols


The solution is available to payment service providers who are promoting their own brand only. Merchants cannot directly receive services from us.

The business model is built upon a one-time setup fee (including certification of the solution), a monthly fixed fee for the provision and maintenance of the platform as well as a per transaction fee. Providers can use the infrastructure for an unlimited number of merchants.


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