PAY.ON: Growing together – 19 nations develop, implement and supervise best-practice global payment services

By Christopher Taine on 21. March 2013 in Inside PAY.ON

‘Growing together’ – this is one of our four corporate values. As an international payment processor, PAY.ONlets the world grow together. We do not serve only the core markets of Europe, USA and Asia, but also Russia, Australia, South America and Africa.


We live the theme of ‘Growing together’ in the international orientation of our services and have likewise internalised and implemented this corporate value within our company. As a globally active processor, we have offices in key locations – these include our headquarters in Munich and branches and representations in Austria, Manila, Hong Kong, the USA, Great Britain and Russia. The make-up of our team is as international as our locations. There are currently 19 nationalities represented at PAY.ON and we speak more than 20 languages. In order to guarantee smooth internal communication and coordination, our corporate language is English.


To make this internationalisation possible and to exploit cultural differences constructively, our HR department have become specialists in global staff recruitment. This allows us to attract the best employees for our company. But recruitment alone is not the be-all and end-all. Thereafter it is all about guaranteeing a smooth integration and induction. To work for PAY.ON new employeescome to Germany from all over the world. They leave their native countries, their familiar surroundings and their social circles. We therefore consider ourselves duty-bound to provide as comprehensive a service as possible for these employees. The successful integration and well-being of all employees is our genuine interest. This includes complete support when applying for a visa, opening a bank account, registering with the various authorities and a health insurance company, as well as looking for somewhere to live, including a stay in the company’s own apartment, and in-house English and German courses – and the openness and helpfulness of all their colleagues goes without saying. Joint activities with colleagues facilitate friendships. Within the company, a table football area, darts, Wii, a library, and regular traditional Bavarian sausage breakfasts and barbecues offer the requisite space to discuss projects in relaxed surroundings, to chat about private matters or simply to switch off for a while in the relaxation room.


Alongside continued professional training, other measures and company events, such as participation in the B2RUN, visits to Oktoberfest and the active support of social projects, continue to contribute to the PAY.ON corporate values: growing together, competence, reliability and speed.


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