PAY.ON hands over donation to Jambo Bukoba

By Christopher Taine on 13. December 2012 in Inside PAY.ON

The official handover of the donation to Jambo Bukoba marks the successful culmination of PAY.ON’s social engagement in 2012. Jambo Bukoba is a charity that works with underprivileged children in Tanzania; their work includes promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and equality for girls. The crucial factor in the decision to work with Jambo Bukoba, aside from the dire situation in Tanzania, was the charity’s motto: “Lifeskills through Games” making children strong through sport. This idea is a perfect match for PAY.ON’s participation in the B2RUN in Munich.


Spurred on by sporting fun, team spirit and social engagement, PAY.ON employees didn’t have to think twice about taking part in Munich’s most famous sports event for businesses. For every kilometre one of their employees ran, PAY.ON donated five euros, so that the participating employees (including the entire PAY.ON board of managers) raised a total of 500 EUR. The symbolic handover of the cheque to Clemens Mulokozi from Jambo Bukoba took place in the PAY.ON headquarters in Munich.


PAY.ON racked up some impressive sporting achievements at the B2Run in Munich too. The average time for the PAY.ON team was 33 minutes for 7 km, with the best time of 21 minutes and 49 seconds recorded by CEO Markus Rinderer, which also earned him third place in the Managing Directors category. Firm plans have already been made to participate in next year’s B2Run and to continue supporting Jambo Bukoba in 2013.


Jambo Bukoba’s central aim is to help children in dire need in the Kagera region of Tanzania.  Sport plays an important role in this mission, since fun and excitement help to develop solidarity and self-confidence. Regular games offer moments free of worry and help teach children rules and behaviours, such as the equal treatment of girls, which can be applied in everyday life. Other important projects include HIV/AIDS education for the children and education for young people (especially women and girls) that lead to professional qualifications. Through a partnership with the Jambo Bukoba Tanzania organisation, a sustainable partnership is maintained with the government, local authorities and partner organisations.


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