PAY.ON is now a registered Visa Europe Merchant Agent

By Sebastian Gollwitzer on 8. January 2013 in Inside PAY.ON

A while ago Visa Europe has created the Visa Merchant Agent program ( that requires registration for any company offering services which involve or comprise processing, storing or transmitting cardholder data on behalf of merchants. For merchants, on the other hand, it is becoming mandatory to exclusively use processing partners and service providers being listed as compliant on


We are glad to announce that effective January 2, 2013 PAY.ON is listed on as compliant with the program; all PSP using PAY.ONs services therefore can be sure of handling the cardholder data in a compliant way according to the program rules.


Furthermore, I am on constant touch with the respective stakeholders on VISA Europe’s side in order to determine how a PSP using PAY.ONs services shall handle the Merchant Agent registration. As soon as there is an official VISA communiqué on this matter, PAY.ON will inform all PSP respectively.


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