PAY.ON on the Cards & Payment Solutions 2012 in Abu Dhabi

By PAY.ON on 8. June 2012 in Inside PAY.ON

The conference in Abu Dhabi is still a small event covering two days. There were held three conference sessions, at Maximum 60-70 people were listening. Topics of PAY.ON relevance were presented at an audience up to 40 people.


The conference organizer confirmed that the size of the venue in general and distance between the venues is a big problem. The exhibition center is so huge that people really miss each other, the Exhibition area was 300 m far from the conference area. They promised that this will be changed next year.


Beside these circumstances we had some good conversations with Rosoom which offer a local routing gateway and also with Etisalat, Prosum, Cashu and Network International. Due to the results, we plan to attend in the coming year again. And we hope that the organizer give their best to make the exhibition more convenient for exhibitors and visitors in 2013.

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