PAY.ON partners with ReD to offer integrated payment and fraud prevention services to PSPs and merchants

PAY.ON’s customer base can now benefit from the integration of ReD Shield, ReD’s real-time fraud prevention service, into PAY.ON´s white label Platform-as-a-Service, PaySourcing, and PayPipe, the independent payment routing gateway. This will enable payment providers as independent sales organizations, or other service providers, acquirers and financial institutions to become fully equipped payment service providers in 48 hours or to outsource their entire PSP business into the cloud – in a PCI-DSS-certified environment.

Markus Rinderer, CEO of PAY.ON AG, commented: “Our decision to integrate ReD Shield into our white label PSP payment platform builds on the strong, long-term relationship we have with ReD. ReD Shield strengthens the PaySourcing risk management portfolio and empowers our clients to protect their payment transactions effectively from fraudsters. This, in turn, lays the groundwork for unhindered international growth and successful cross-border expansion.”


As a managed service, ReD Shield provides merchants and payment service providers with access to the latest fraud prevention tools and techniques, without the need for in-house investment. ReD is constantly investing to ensure that its services and solutions remain at the forefront of techniques to manage evolving payment fraud, and the ReD Shield service is delivered by a global team of expert risk analysts who are monitoring and preventing payment fraud every second of every day, around the world.

Manish Patel, president of ReD’s operations in EMEA, commented: “PAY.ON has a deep understanding of the services that ReD provides and we are delighted that the company has chosen to expand its relationship with us. Merchants and payment service providers utilising PAY.ON’s market leading payment solutions will now be able to benefit from a fully integrated payment processing and fraud solution.  ReD Shield is already supporting some of the world’s leading ecommerce merchants and we are pleased to be making it available now to PAY.ON’s global customer base.”


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