PAY.ON team: The applicant – our customer – if you want them, you’d better be quick

By Leyla Singer on 2. May 2013 in Inside PAY.ON

It has always surprised me that, as an applicant, the majority of HR departments seem to see me as someone that needs to be tediously processed. The first official response to the application takes weeks, setting up the interview is interminably laborious, and feedback after the interview – if you get any – only comes long after you’ve signed up for another position … how can this be?


‘Speed’ is one of the four corporate values that we at PAY.ON live each and every day. As an international payment processor, PAY.ON wins customers through expertise, reliability and, most notably, speed. And our brand promises also apply here: with PaySourcing, you can start your business within 24 hours. And we get the connection to every payment provider around the world set up quicker than anyone else – guaranteed. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.


Similarly we, the PAY.ON HR team, do not see our customers – the applicants – as a task that needs to be tediously processed. On the one hand, we are a service enterprise, meaning we also regard ourselves as a service provider and, with this in mind, do our utmost for each and every applicant. On the other hand), the labour market would certainly not allow it. All PAY.ON employees are experts in their field and, as such, advise and support our customers. In order to attract these outstanding employees, we as a company act competently, flexibly and, above all, quickly.


What does this mean in real terms? We have designed all our processes around our applicants because it is our applicants, not ourselves, who take centre stage! During the application process, we guarantee our applicants that we will inform them whether or not they have been invited for interview within 14 calendar days. Our current average response time is actually around 8.8 calendar days and we propose scheduling interviews for within the following five working days. It isn’t always easy with six interview partners per applicant but, thanks to the flexibility and dedication of our colleagues, we succeed in putting together a competent and committed interview team for every applicant within a short time frame. And the pace is high afterwards, too. The decision as to whether to hire a person or not is generally taken straight after the interviews. And if the outcome is positive, the applicant will receive their employment contract after no more than five working days. And then the applicant becomes an employee …


In this way, we have been able to grow our team by more than 30% since the beginning of 2012.


In order to be able to keep up with this growth as a company, we focus on the quick and professional induction and integration of our new colleagues. A well-thought-out induction is essential, and each employee therefore receives an individually designed induction plan for the first three months – including being assigned a mentor, an internal training plan, and projects from day one. Alongside our employees’ fast productivity, it is important to us that they settle in and integrate quickly. The most important factor here is to have your own home: with our help, every employee who has moved to Munich thus far has found a comfortable place to live within a month – considering the housing market in Munich, that really is remarkable!


For everything we do, be it the recruitment, induction and integration of new employees, staff support, or active social engagement, we implement our corporate values: speed, growing together, competence, reliability. This is the ‘PAY.ON Way’.


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