Payment Innovation: What’s the driving force to stay ahead at the payment market?

By PAY.ON on 30. October 2013 in Inside PAY.ON

The e-commerce sector has experienced some revolutionary developments in the last couple of years. This is especially true for payment technology. Today sustainable payment systems must be omni-channel. They must be able to process transactions on a variety of channels, such as e-commerce, m-commerce, mobile and MOTO. Merchants want to be boarded fast in order to start transaction processing, and thus making revenues. Furthermore, the selected payment system must enable merchants to offer a variety of local payment methods in their target markets. For the PSP this means having a technical partner that can manage all these requirements: fast and easy on-boarding, guaranteed processing with a variety of selected payment methods, a secure payment system and of course all this omni-channel.

How can one stay now at the fore-front and manage all these requirements?
It is of course the technology that is important. Payment today means having an excellent payment system that is fast, secure, easy to use and of course supports omni-channel transaction processing.

But what drives this technology and the innovation to stay ahead at the payment market?
It is the people behind the technology: the developers, the marketers, the sales and account managers, the HR persons, the accountants and many more. They all must work together in order to develop and manage a payment system that meets the shoppers’, the merchants’, the payment service providers’/independent sales organizations’ needs.

At PAY.ON we regard our employees as the driver of our power house- our omni-channel platform. Therefore it is of utmost importance to us to create a working environment, where they feel happy and appreciated. But it goes much beyond this; we lift the potential of all employees by enabling them to work interdisciplinary away from their regular duties. This means we have creative days on a regular basis. During our creative days all employees get the chance to develop a technology, a feature, a service that means payment innovation and thus puts our system ahead of the competition. During our last creative days excellent features were developed: we furthered the customisation of our integration option COPYandPAY, we developed concepts that will support and maximise the growth of our payment service providers, we developed new medical payment products and we worked hard on fraud prevention tools.

And – we are proud to say that the realised projects are technically and economically excellent. They are creative and attuned to market demands and trends. It is amazing to work with people that have so much potential and love what they are doing. It all shows in our system.

Watch out for new developments on our platform – all projects will be realised within the very near future.

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