Powering payment providers includes powering acquirers

By Sebastian Gollwitzer on 11. June 2013 in Open Payment Technology

PAY.ON’s long-standing claim has been “Powering Payment Providers”. Naturally we are providing payment service providers around the globe with state-of-the-art payment technology, and these days more than 100 payment service providers on all continents are relying on our services.


As the VP Business Relations I am also responsible for PAY.ON’s relationships with acquirers. They are, just like our payment service providers, located in all corners of the world, and in the past 12 months I have had the chance to meet many of them. By doing so I have learned quite something about various needs in the acquiring business. Good thing that PAY.ON’s range of services and solutions also caters to many of those needs such as business introductions, merchant boarding solutions, monitoring, reporting, fraud scrubbing, and many more.


In several blog posts over the next couple of months we will shed some light on the gained experience, and I will start with today by writing about the following and first aspect:

Business introductions


Acquirers are always looking to partner with payment service providers whose merchant base fits their business appetite and geographic coverage in order to mutually generate business, diversify their merchant portfolio and/or to specialize in certain verticals. By sharing respective information with PAY.ON, acquirers put us in position to act as the “hub” between acquirers and payment service providers – thus creating “win-win-win” situations thanks to our positioning in the market:


Acquirers find the right PSP, payment service providers find well-fitting acquirers, and PAY.ON also benefits from enabling the business by making those hand-picked, personal introductions.


So no matter if you are an acquirer or a PSP: Whenever you are looking for well-fitting business partners, let us know! We’ll be very glad to bring the right people in touch with each other.


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