Proven ease of Payment Page Integration at the TNG Big Techday 7: COPYandPAY integrated in only 15 minutes!

By Annett van de Bunt - Head of Marketing on 5. June 2014 in Inside PAY.ON, Open Payment Technology

In the latest PAY.ON interview on our new product Dynamic Checkoutpublished in “The Paypers”, we referred to the payment page integration of COPYandPAY – part of Dynamic Checkout – in only 15 minutes. Let us elaborate on this.


During the TNG Big Techday 7, and as part of the Programming Interfaces Track, PAY.ON held a speech on Widget-Based Payment API – Simple, Fast, and Flexible. The talk was accompanied with a LIVE Programming Challenge for the fastest payment page integration.


Contestants had to fully complete the three-step payment page integration of COPYandPAY, including the creation of tokens, the embedding of widgets, the presentation of successful payment transaction processing results, and the display of results in the provided test environment. For the challenge, two simplified shop server environments were set up; one based on the Java platform and the other based on Javascript/node.js.



After just 14:18:29 minutes, a winner was crowned! Transactions were successfully processed in the test environment. The workflow was successfully implemented end-to-end.


Neither contestants nor audience had payment-industry background or experience in integrating payment systems. And obviously, they did not know any specifics of the challenge, except the choice of programming language. The only supporting material contestants were provided with was the interactive COPYandPAY tutorial. Therefore, we were all the more excited when a lively and rather challenging discussion around online payment, market requirements, and how COPYandPAY meets today’s market challenges arose.

For the record:  most of the remaining contestants finished within a time frame of 20–40 minutes.


The session was a great success! We proved that complex payment page integration has become an easy and fast process with COPYandPAY, fully meeting today’s online shopper-driven market requirements. Online shoppers today expect simplicity, convenience, and relevance when shopping, as well as an intuitive and secure payment process. And all this across all channels and devices.


Annett van de Bunt - Head of Marketing

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