interview with Michael Doron about PAY.ON’s global payments capabilities

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PAY.ON America Managing Director Michael Doron spoke to MPD CEO Karen Webster about PAY.ON’s global payments “gateway in a box”.

Following is a short extract of the interview, which is available in full, along with the audio recording, at

What’s Inside The Global Payments ‘Gateway In A Box’

The merchant checklist for taking on global commerce in many ways might appear never-ending. There are multiple languages, currencies, payment methods, regulations, compliance issues, the build versus buy discussion and much more that must be considered in the process. And in Europe specifically, simply signing commercial deals is extremely time-consuming, says Michael Doron, managing director of PAY.ON America, who told MPD CEO Karen Webster that such a complex checklist calls for stakeholders to work in parallel on all fronts. As a solution, Doron unraveled the tech-filled global payments “gateway in a box,” to enable payment service providers, independent sales organizations, acquirers, ISVs and VARs to more easily stretch businesses across borders.

Karen Webster: So let’s get started. Who is PAY.ON, what do you do and what problems do you solve?

Michael Doron: PAY.ON offers a white-label global payment gateway that provides certified technical connectivity to over 250 payment providers, including domestic and international card acquirers, and many alternative payment methods, across more than 160 countries. We’re basically a technology enabler, and PAY.ON delivers its gateway as a stand-alone solution, or it can be implemented using a gateway connection to companies’ existing platforms using our APIs.

PAY.ON also offers value-added services around risk and fraud management, managed services, mobile Apps, mPOS in Europe, and we have recently brought to market a White Label SDK for Apple Pay.

KW: So what is the sweet spot in which you guys operate? Are you solving for cross-border payment problems?

MD: We definitely are a solution for cross-border problems, but what we do is help payment service providers, independent sales organizations, acquirers, banks, independent software vendors and value-added solution providers to establish a global presence by providing them the technology they need to reach cross-border.

KW: So when you say the technology they need to operate effectively in those markets, what are most providers missing that you are delivering?

MD: The U.S. is a core market for PAY.ON, however many companies we talk to don’t necessarily have the understanding yet of what it means to go global and how to reach these markets from a technical and commercial perspective. So we address the portion of the solution on the technical side by doing all the heavy lifting – sort of like a global payment gateway in a box.

Read the full interview, or listen to the audio recording, on the website.



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