Ten years of global payments with PAY.ON

By Markus Rinderer on 4. April 2014 in Inside PAY.ON

PAY.ON was founded in 2004 with the vision of providing a global paymentsinfrastructure in the cloud -at that time we called it “ASP model”- to payment services providers. Payment service providers around the globe should be enabled to build their own individual business model on top of PAY.ON’s white-label payment platform to provide world-class online payment services to their merchants. Over the last ten years PAY.ON has established the largest network of local card acquirers, alternative payment methods and schemes all around the globe. And we are very happy to celebrate our ten year’s existence and of course ten years of global payments with PAY.ON.

Just to reflect on the past. When we started in 2004, eCommerce was still in its infancy. More and more merchants started to think about their eCommerce strategy, but few thought about going global with their online services. People talked about consolidation within payment processing on a global scale. However, what happened over the years was the exact opposite – new payment schemes were launched and many disappeared again.

The payment landscape today: fast changing and omni-channel
Today we are confronted with a faster changing payment landscape than ever before. Omni-channel payments is establishing itself more and more, as merchants want to process payments on all channels. For instance, the rise of smartphones has changed shoppers’ behavior dramatically. This change in behavior is revolutionizing the online and offline world and also the payments industry. While over the years, there has been lots of talking about the convergence of payment channels, today it is really happening. In a converting industry in which eCommerce and point-of-sale are not differentiable any more, expectations are dramatically changing. Merchants expect to accept payments anywhere at any time, because shoppers want to buy anywhere at any time! Merchants want to be able to accept payments across borders, in any currency with local payment methods and local fraud prevention tools.

The point is reached in which payment service providers do not only offer payment services but increase the bottom line of merchants. We offer payment services across all channels that help the merchant to increase revenues at lower costs.

Payments will become a commodity
Payments will become a commodity in the coming years; merchants actually expect it to become a commodity. Merchants will increase the pressure on the industry to provide payment services at lower costs with maximum conversion rates. Only a few processors and payment platform providers will be able to meet those high demands that we are already facing.

PAY.ON is ready for the exciting future ahead of us
At PAY.ON we are ready for it! We’ve built the payment platform and the tools to provide merchants with a best-in-class infrastructure that allows them to build their business around a flexible infrastructure that caters for their needs. With offices and partners globally in different locations on every continent and more than 100 employees we have become the global market leader for providing a worldwide network of alternative payment methods and card payments acceptance.

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