The merchant experience provided by a PSP includes software usability, and that makes good business sense

By Falk Brügmann on 6. August 2013 in Inside PAY.ON, Market Insights

Helping our clients, such as payment service providers/independent sales organizations and acquirers, to provide the best experience to their customers, the merchants, is something we are passionate about at PAY.ON. A number of factors come together to create the overall merchant experience: The available feature set of a platform and how it supports the business case at hand, the quality and usability of the available integration options and APIs, the quality and availability of service personnel, documentation, market communication, and others.

One element that we also consider as contributing to the overall merchant experience is the usability as well as the look and feel of the merchant portal, and back office applications supplied. This is one of the areas that we will keep investing in, because it makes good business sense.


“But wait,” you may ask, “how does that make business sense? Adding payment schemes and shop plug-ins I can see, but why usability?”


Well, if you think about it, there are actually multiple ways that usability contributes to the bottom line. First, it eases the sale to the merchant. Second, it reduces the number of support calls. Third, it makes the merchant’s personnel more effective, increasing the software’s business value contribution, which ultimately also benefits the PSP and its suppliers – such as us.


Apart from all the hard facts, if you get to work with the same software system day-in and day-out, it is just plain nicer if that software is also user-friendly and pleasant to look at – that’s true for the merchant, for the PSP, and also for ourselves.


To our clients: If you so please, keep an eye open for continuous enhancements in usability and look and feel throughout our BIP application over the coming months, especially in those parts that are most important to your customers, the merchants.

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