The Paypers interview with Adam Bowman about cross-border eCommerce expansion

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“The main cross-border expansion challenge is understanding the commercial, technical and regulatory issues payment providers can face”.


PAY.ON Vice President Sales & Business Development Adam Bowman shares a US perspective on cross-border expansion with The Paypers.

Following is a brief extract of the full interview:

The Paypers: What do you see as the main challenges to international ecommerce expansion, and what part does PAY.ON play in overcoming these challenges?

Adam Bowman: While many payment providers – whether payment service providers, independent sales organizations, acquirers, ISVs or VARs – are experts in domestic payment processing in their home countries, they often lack a full appreciation of the complexity of the commercial, technical and regulatory issues they face when expanding into new markets. This is the main challenge when it comes to cross-border expansion, and it often goes together with the threat of over-optimistic expectations. Many payment companies, and this is particularly true in the US, achieve a level of success within their home market and expect that they can easily replicate this success when moving into new markets.

PAY.ON is well situated to address these challenges. Our combination of cross-border expertise, extensive alternative payment methods, and fraud prevention solutions is why many companies form strategic partnerships with us to achieve their international expansion plans.

The Paypers: The international market is being challenged by rapid technical innovation, evolving business needs and a shifting regulatory landscape. In this context, how can a payment provider ensure that its services remain relevant?

AB: First of all, it is worth remembering that while it is technology that makes the headlines, we are in a service industry. Customers want to feel they are being taken care of, and that the services they are receiving evolve to meet their needs. In my opinion, many players in the payments space focus on the technological changes to the detriment of the most essential element, namely taking excellent care of your customers.

I would say that providing outstanding service is the number one way that payment service providers can ensure they remain relevant. Of course, part of this is responding to customers’ needs, which includes being able to offer a tailored payment mix to international shoppers, or customized experiences such as shopping in your local currency.

The Paypers: In a global context, how does PAY.ON succeed in maximizing opportunities in merchant acquiring?

AB: Over the past 11 years, PAY.ON has created a global payment network that connects our platform to more than 300 international and local acquirers, and alternative payment methods. payment service providers, independent sales organizations, acquirers, ISVs and VARs who are looking to remove the technical complexity from international expansion can access this extensive network via a single technical integration with PAY.ON. Through our Open Payment Platform, one unified API “plugs” payment providers into a global payment network that grows every month. Because this removes the need for ongoing development and integration costs, it facilitates faster international growth, and enables payment providers to focus on their core business of serving their customers.

About Adam Bowman

Adam Bowman is Vice President Sales & Business Development for PAY.ON America, bringing over 20 years of experience in payments and management consulting to this vital role, as he oversees the continued growth of PAY.ON’s North American client base. Adam has in-depth knowledge of cross-border eCommerce, international merchant acquiring, and project management.

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