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By Wolfgang Berner on 4. April 2013 in Inside PAY.ON, Open Payment Technology

Last week I gave an interview in the ThePaypers’ online payments newsletter regarding COPYandPAY, a new module in our multi-channel PSP/ISO platform-as-a-service PaySourcing.  COPYandPAY is an integral part of our products focus this year, which is about providing a ‘new merchant experience’. COPYandPAY simplifies payment integration for merchants to the max. To gain access to over 100 available payment methods, all the merchants have to do is to copy a ready-to-go script into their website.


Since launching COPYandPAY we have been getting tons of positive feedback, and I am looking forward to receiving yours as well – so please comment!


Following the summery of my statements on our new COPYandPAY solution:


ThePaypers: Recently, your company has introduced the new COPYandPAY service. Could you briefly summarize the target user/market and customer demand it has been designed to satisfy?

Wolfgang: COPYandPAY addresses payment service providers/independent sales organizations with a way to drastically simplify the payment integration for their merchants, providing a ready-to-use fully integrated payment page in the merchants’ own design. Merchants use widgets to present their payment form into their checkout, retaining full control of the checkout experience and its conversion, as opposed to integrating hosted payment pages through iFrames, which hit merchants’ limits in terms of customisation and hence shopper conversion. Besides, the merchants profit from having all relevant payment methods without any compromise in terms of security and compliance standards.


Accordingly, payment service providers/independent sales organizations reduce their operational costs especially by reducing technical support time and getting merchants LIVE faster, allowing them also to expand their business to new customer segments – especially in the SME space.


ThePaypers: What are the advantages merchants have while using COPYandPAY and how is integration achieved?

Wolfgang: The name and its message are simple and communicated easily. You can demo the product in 5 minutes, making the message stick due to its interactivity and clarity. The simplicity – integration within minutes – still allows great flexibility in customisation at the same time. Sounds like a contradiction, but it is not.


The payment form – created utilising widgets by adding only a few lines of HTML code into the page –  is actually truly embedded into the merchant checkout page, which is the main difference to traditionally hosted payment pages. Then again the form containing the sensitive card data is posted from the shopper browser directly into the secure and PCI DSS level 1 certified server environments of PAY.ON, not getting in touch with the merchant server at any point of the process.


ThePaypers: How does this service differ from the ones already available on the market and how does it relate to/integrate with the company`s overall value proposition for online payments?

Wolfgang: The main differences to services following a similar idea to make the merchant’s life easier, are, that COPYandPAY delivers alternative payment methods next to traditional card payments. As COPYandPAY is an integrated module of PaySourcing, merchants can choose their best fitting payment mix out of the wide range of connections to payment schemes and acquirers we offer globally. This new module is perfectly integrated in our multi-channel PaySourcing platform, relying on our state-of-the-art risk management, business intelligence and merchant reporting capabilities.


Furthermore, we see COPYandPAY as a part of a bigger initiative we call “new merchant experience” that addresses various aspects taking a step towards the merchant and getting them to start processing and earning money faster. We are also currently piloting a merchant on-boarding tool and rolled out merchant on-boarding APIs that speed up the merchant signup phase through automating the technical merchant setup in the merchant gateway as well as the scheme/acquirer setup, where possible. We are also integrating automated processes with various acquirers to create a merchant application turnaround unique on the market.


ThePaypers: What payment methods does COPYandPAY support? Do they include both credit cards and alternative payment methods?

Wolfgang: COPYandPAY offers complete freedom when it comes to selecting payment methods: over 100 payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, SOFORT Überweisung, PayPal and more than 250 connections to financial service providers are available. With our method of integration, 3D Secure (verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) is also immediately available. All payment methods can be used without any restriction. COPYandPAY thus makes connecting and adapting the payment process, as well as integrating all required payment methods and 3D Secure, are easy as never before. Furthermore, because it is based on HTML 5, COPYandPAY is working perfectly with mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.


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