Preparing for Apple Pay’s European roll-out with a white label SDK

White Label Apple Pay SDK

PAY.ON delivers a market-ready white label SDK for in-app Apple Pay purchases.

A growing number of payment providers are able to offer Apple Pay in-app payments to merchants via PAY.ON’s white label Apple Pay SDK.

Payment providers benefit from being able to brand PAYON’s white label SDK (software development kit) as their own, and offer both existing and prospective merchants a streamlined and market-ready Apple Pay solution that is easy to integrate. Significantly reduced time to market is a valuable asset to payment providers as Apple Pay rolls out across the UK in July, followed by further markets both in Europe and internationally.

PAY.ON’s extensive global payment network and existing technical connectivity to over 200 local and international acquirers worldwide makes it easier for payment providers to offer their merchants a fully-functioning and globally-ready Apple Pay solution straight out of the box. PAY.ON’s white label Apple Pay SDK is part of the Open Payment Platform, which is based on open API payment technology to facilitate simpler integration and to give developers a powerful toolkit to build their own payment apps and features directly on the PAY.ON platform.

A market-ready mobile app payment integration

Apple Pay – first launched in October 2014 – is now expanding internationally, with the UK announced as the first market beyond the United States to support the digital wallet. Apple Pay will roll-out across 250,000 locations in the UK from July onwards, with support from British financial institutions representing more than 70% of the country’s credit and debit cards. The exponential growth of contactless card payments for low-value transactions in the UK (transaction volume has tripled in the past three years to £2.32bn1), paired with high smartphone penetration and strong iPhone market share (42.5%2) indicate that consumer adoption has the potential to progress at a faster pace than in the US to date.

Built according to EMVCo Payment Tokenization Specification, Apple Pay has been lauded for its approach to payment security and authentication, combining tokenization with biometrics (via Touch ID). PAY.ON has developed its white label SDK to complement Apple Pay’s two-step authentication with industry-best payment security and PCI DSS 3.0 Level 1 Certification.

Wolfgang Berner, Senior Vice President Product at PAY.ON, said, “Apple Pay’s roll-out in the UK, and soon elsewhere in Europe, has the potential to quickly alter consumers’ payment habits as they adapt to – and then come to expect – ‘tap and go’ payments at the point of sale and the convenience of one-touch in-app payments. Payment providers need to prepare for this shift, and ensure that they are giving their merchants the tools they need to cater to changing consumer expectations. Our white label, market-ready SDK for in-app Apple Pay payments can help them do exactly that.”

PAY.ON’s White Label SDK further strengthens its position as a leading payment technology provider for payment service providers, independent sales organizations, acquirers, ISVs, and VARs. Access to more than 300 alternative payment methods and acquirers in over 160 countries worldwide is through a single unified API, built upon RESTful open payment architecture, making PAY.ON the partner of choice for payment businesses looking to expand globally.



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